Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pink Wednesday: 112

Hey guys! It's wednesday, so it's time for another pink manicure. Next week will be the last wednesday of October already. This month sure is passing by quickly for me!

Anyway, today I have for you a polish by a brand that is unknown to me. I think it's a Polish brand, and it is named Qltowy Kosmetyk. This nail polish doesn't have a name, but a number: 112, which happens to be the emergency number in The Netherlands, lol!

So 112 is actually a pretty nice polish! It's a cute shimmery, kind of dusty pink colour. I don't have a polish similar to this in my stash, so it's a nice addition and I have occasionally worn it already.

I only needed two coats for full coverage. The formula is a bit thin and runny though, so I did need quite a bit of cleanup around my nails. This is no biggie, though - the colour makes up for it.

And if you are wondering where I found this polish... my mom works at a local store where they were selling cheap nail polishes of unkown and foreign brands, so she picked some out for me to bring home. So I don't know if this is normally available in The Netherlands at all and I know next to nothing about it. All I know is that I like the three polishes I own by them! :)

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