Friday, September 14, 2012

Stargazer 138... plus taping!

Hi guys! I'm at my  boyfriend's house right now, and I will be staying here for a few days. I have some posts planned ahead but I probably won't be able to comment anywhere. Just a heads up. :)

Stargazer is a very cool brand. So far I own three polishes by them and all of them are gorgeous and awesome additions to my collection. Today I'm going to show you one of these pretties plus some taping I added to it!

The nail polishes don't have names but this is 138, a very pretty green. I only picked up this polish because it was on sale for super cheap. I figured 'Why not?' and got it because I didn't have a colour like it yet. When I put it on my nails for the first time I loved it!

It is slightly duochrome, flashing to a greenish blue on certain lights, as you can clearly see in the bottle in the picture above. It's also crazy shiny and has a gorgeous depth to it. I keep looking at my nails!

Now the formula of this one isn't that great because it is a bit thick and gloopy, which made application a bit tricky. But for the price I got this for, I can definitely live with that.

After a few hours of wearing it, though, I got bored and tried out some more taping.

So I added black tips and a chevron tip as an accent nail! I really like how this looks, the black tips make it look very classy. :)

Do you own any Stargazer polishes? Which is your favourite?

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