Friday, September 07, 2012

H&M Duo - City and Zoo

Don't you love it when you end up really loving a nail polish you had your doubts about before? Today I will be showing you the duo City & Zoo by H&M. When I saw this in the store I bought it mostly because it was cheap and I have only ever tried out one other H&M polish before. Today I finally decided to wear them together to see what they'd look like.

This is City, the base colour of the two. It's a very pretty bright pink colour that looks good by itself. It's super glossy, the above picture is without a topcoat. It looks like a jelly but it really isn't. I used two coats, and there is still a bit of VNL but I figured the glitter would cover that up. Application was fine. The polish was pretty thin and runny but nothing too hard to control.

Then I applied the topcoat, Zoo, which looks like a dusty pink with holographic glitters in the bottle. This is why I had my doubts about it, because it just does not look appealing in the bottle to me. 

I ended up liking it a lot, though! I didn't expect that at all. The tiny glitter is super pretty and it sparkles like crazy. Me gusta.

I used one coat of Zoo to get the glitters on. It dried a bit gritty but a topcoat fixed that very easily and you end up with a super shiny and glittery manicure. :)

Also, I can finally show my thumbnail! Two months ago it broke and it ripped right into my nailbed. It hurt a lot and it looked terrible for weeks, so I'm glad it looks fine again!

A blurry closeup to show the sparkle. Look at that bottle. I'm sure you can understand why I keep staring at my nails...

I'm very happy with these polishes! I'm definitely going to try out Zoo over other polishes sometime and see what I end up with. :D Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a polish?