Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pink manicure with rhinestones

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to try out a manicure with rhinestones, so I snooped around on eBay and purchased 3000 small nail art rhinestones in 12 different colours. They arrived yesterday and I went to make a manicure with them right away! As this was my first time ever using rhinestones, I went with something simple.

This is what I came up with, and I'm very happy with how it looks! I have to apologize for my dry skin. Every few weeks I do volunteering work at a local boarding kennel, and we have a new cleaning method... one that apparently is not nice at all for my nails and skin!

For the base I used Essence - Roy's Red from the Whoom! Boom! collection, and on top of that I placed one clear rhinestone on each nail using a toothpick and clear polish. I was surprised with how easy this was, because I have extremely shaky hands. It was very fun to do, so I'm already planning on some other manicures I can creature using my brand new rhinestones.

After putting the rhinestones on my nails I sealed them in with a layer of topcoat which for some reason made them a little 'matte', though not completely, as they are still shiny. I actually really like the look of it, so I don't mind. I'm curious to see how it will look with the other colours, though. :)

This is my little case of 12 different coloured types of rhinestones. They're all round and very tiny. I think it would be fun to get some differently shaped ones sometime. In case you're wondering, I purchased this case from the seller directsz on eBay for $2,06 which is dirt cheap! You'll have to be patient though, for me it took 20 days for them to get here.

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