Thursday, August 30, 2012

Doctor Who nail art: Red Daleks

 Like it says on my Blogger profile, I'm a Doctor Who addicted girl. I'm a huge, huge fan of the show and I have watched all the episodes of the new series so far. I'm trying to watch the classics too, but they're pretty difficult to find on the internet. :( Nevertheless it's an awesome show. My family and some of my friends don't  understand my addiction at all and they think I'm completely mad when I try to tell them what Doctor Who is about. I don't blame them though, lol!

Anyway, to celebrate 'Asylum of the Daleks', the newest episode scheduled to air on september 1st, I decided to dedicate a nail art to the Dalek. Even though they do creep me out a little bit, they are my favourite villains in the show, plus my new rhinestones and striping tape were perfect to use for the idea I had.

There are a lot of varieties of Dalek but my personal favourite are the red ones. That is why I made a simplified Dalek on both of my ring finger nails, with their most widely recognised details.

For the base I used NYC I ♥ NY, my favourite red. For the eyepiece and the Daleks' hemispheres I used my rhinestones. The clear rhinestones work really great for the eyepieces, I think they look great! I had a bit of trouble with the black coloured ones, because not all of them were the exact same size and shape. There are supposed to be rows of 4, but obviously my nails are not long enough for that. It doesn't matter though, this still works! I then used two strips of silver striping tape to emulate the 'neck' area that seperates the head from the lower body.

Overall I think this turned out pretty awesome! It was very fun to do. I wanted to do all of my nails but I do plan on wearing this manicure until the new episode airs and I think so many rhinestones on every nail would drive me crazy. :) So for now I will have two mini Daleks to keep me company!

And, ofcourse... how could I resist?

What do you think, did I nail it? And are you as excited for the new episode as I am?

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  1. These are soooo cute (Well as cute as a Dalek can be). My favorite villains are the Silence despite the fact that I don't really love the episodes that they are in. BTW do you watch Torchwood? If not you should :)

  2. I CANNOT HANDLE THE AWESOMENESS OF THESE NAILS. Also, this particular Dalek reminds me of the ones in Victory of the Daleks. :)

  3. @Kas I have not seen Torchwood yet! But it's definitely on my list of shows to watch, so I will as soon as I get to it. :D

  4. I love this!! It's completely fantastic!!!! And I love that you put EXTERMINATE on one of the pictures :)

  5. Really a contradiction in terms when you put Dalek and Cute in the same sentence - but that is what I have to do :D. And what Kas said and what Maria said and what Kim said ;)

    You'll have to watch Torchwood, there are some really cool and amazing tie-ins with Doctor Who in it. And Jack Harkness is in it!!!!...*swoons*

  6. Yay Whovian nail art! An underused category! :)

  7. I love these! I'm going to try them, and I am SO blogging about them :)