Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NYC - Rock Muse

On friday I finally had a chance to go to town and get some things I needed. And while I was there, I decided to pick up some new polishes as well, because every brand seemed to have some new ones in their collection. I picked up 7 of them and today I am going to show you one.

This is NYC - Rock Muse. It's limited edition, and I think it's pretty similar OPI - Metallic 4 Life so I'm glad I managed to get this one!

This polish has silver hex glitter and micro glitter in a sheer dark grey base. It's actually a topcoat, meant for layering over other polishes. In these pictures I have layered one coat over black. Application wasn't that great. The formula seemed a little thick, and I had difficulty spreading the glitter on my nails evenly, which you can see by comparing the glitter on my pointer finger to that on my ring finger. That was a shame.

Even with a top coat it looked a bit bumpy and odd, but it did feel smooth on my nails. I do love the silver glitter on black, it really gives me a punk rocky feeling, which I always like!

Overall not a bad nail polish, and if you like OPI - Metallic 4 Life and want to own something similar, I'd definitely get this one. Considering how cheap it is, it's worth it.

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  1. It looks absolutely beautiful, even with the issues you mentioned! c: