Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Essence - Did Someone Say Nude?

Essence is probably my second favourite brand. It's very affordable and they have a wide range of polishes, although they are really a case of hit or miss.

The polish I'm wearing today is Essence - Did Someone Say Nude? from the Season of Extremes limited edition collection. It's a very cute pastel mint creme... not a nude at all! What's the name all about? Despite that, I like the colour a lot.

I'm personally a big fan of cute pastel colours like these. However, I wasn't very happy with the application of this one. The first coat was extremely streaky and looked terrible, so I was pretty worried about what the outcome was going to look like.

Fortunately it wasn't too bad! The polish evened out fairly well at the second coat, and that is all I needed for my short little nubs. I'm sure you will need three coats to get a nice opaque result on longer nails.

Overall a decent polish with a lovely colour. While the application isn't what I'd like it to be, for such a cheap price, I'm willing to look past that.

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