Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Paint It Blue For Autism - Blue Flakies

Hi there! Today I have another blue manicure that I did to show my support for Autism Awareness Month. I sadly did not have time enough to do something creative like I originally wanted to, so this manicure will be pretty simple.

So today I have flakies! I'm a big flakie lover, and I love them in blue. I used Flormar 438 as the base, which is a simple blue creme that I actually like a lot. It applies very smooth, and it looked great on it's own. But just a simple creme was too simple for me, so I topped it with flakies.

For the flakes, I used Golden Rose Scale Effect 11. This is a topcoat with blue and green flakies, though my camera did a pretty bad at picking up the green. The flakes were a disaster to apply because the polish has gotten super thick. I really need to get myself a thinner.

The result with a blue and very shiny manicure. The thick base of the flakies made it a bit bumpy and it simply refused to dry, however, so I ended up taking it off soon after. Too bad. :(


  1. Awesome mani! I am loving this combo, It looks like they were made for each other!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! The award nominee rules are at my blog (link below). Congrats and I think your blog is awesome!


  2. I seem to have a problem with flakies taking forever to dry, too! These do make for one gorgeous combo, though!!

  3. Very pretty!

  4. Too bad it wouldn't dry! It's really awesome and so sparkly. Nice blog by the way, love your nails!