Saturday, April 06, 2013

Max Factor - Fantasy Fire

Okay, I know, I know... the hype around this nail polish has been over for a while now. But ever since I laid my eyes on it, it has been on my wish list. Multichromes, duochromes, holos... anything that shifts colours is my weakness. This does not only go for nail polish, but also jewelry and other things. I had to have it one day.

Well, a few days ago I was browsing a huge Dutch webshop known as for a birthday gift for my boyfriend, when I got distracted and ended up on the sales page, and via the sales page I ended up browsing through their nail polish when I saw they had this baby stocked. I got super excited because I could never find it in the drugstore that sells it and the prices online were ridiculous. Ofcourse, I ordered it right away.

Fantasy Fire is an amazing multichrome shimmer to be used as a top coat. And basically, it's liquid magic.

It's similar to the famous polish known as 'unicorn pee', Clarins 230. While they are not the same, Fantasy Fire is a nice and affordable alternative for 230.

Sadly, I got it in a mini bottle. I would have liked a larger sized bottle but this is okay too. Not wanting to waste a drop, I used two coats of Fantasy Fire over Revlon Plum Night, a dark purple that works quite well as a base for this topcoat.

And just look at those colours! The shimmer shifts from red to orange, gold to green, and in certain angles it's blue, though I wasn't able to capture that on camera. It's amazing, and like I said: liquid magic. When I was wearing this I kept staring at my nails.

Yes, I am very happy I finally found this polish at an affordable price. It took a while, but that is one awesome polish scratched off of my wish list. :)

What nail polish have you been lusting after?


  1. I saw this one at Kruidvat and Etos many times but never bought it.. just a bit too expensive and I don't really like my nails to be a very dark shade... it's really pretty though :D. Right now there's not really a nail polish I'm dying to own... maybe OPI Jinx

  2. @Eva The drugstores around here are pretty small and every time I looked for it, it was sold out. :( And Jinx is pretty awesome. I'd be happy with any of their textured polishes really!

  3. FF is THE COOLEST POLISH EVER. You captured it beautifully over the purple. I adore the green flash, but it's so fleeting... I could stare at that shot for hours, lol ;)

  4. I love Fantasy Fire! It is gorgeous!

  5. This is one of my lemmings and sooo beautiful!
    I love it <3