Saturday, March 30, 2013

Essence - Boho Chic

Say there's a nail polish you have been having doubts about, but you buy it anyway, and you end up loving it? Isn't that a great feeling? I love it when it happens to me, and I wish had happened with the polish I'm showing you today. :(

Boho Chic is a very interesting shade that attracted me because of the flakies in it. I've never seen a polish quite like it before, and on the swatched I'd seen it looked very pretty. But when I stood in the drug store with the bottle in my hand I had my doubts about it. This is not the type of colour I would usually wear, so I put it back in it's place. Several weeks later it was for sale with a big discount, so... why not?

It's a peachy orange colour, and a special nail polish because of the orange/golden shimmer and flakies in it. uit looks very interesting, and I love flakies, but I just didn't like the look of these. Plus, the orange tone is not  very flattering for my skin tone. Too bad!

As for application, there is nothing wrong with this polish. It applied nicely, so no comments there. I used two coats for the pictures, but it could have used another thin coat to get rid of VNL. Maybe I'll end up giving this polish away to someone who would appreciate it more, because I doubt I'll be wearing it again.

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