Saturday, February 02, 2013

I got a Helmer!

Well, I've already had it for a few weeks now, but I think it deserves a blog post!

My collection keeps growing steadily, and a while back I realized I was running out of room to put them. When my stash was still small, I kept them all in a basket, and my nail supplies in a box. Once my basket was full, I cleared out the drawers of my desk and put plastic containers with my nail polishes and nail art things. But soon enough, I noticed this was getting too full as well.

There isn't an IKEA near here, and I rarely go to the one that is closest to me, but my timing was lucky. My sister and her boyfriend are moving to a new house and had to make a trip to the IKEA to get some things, and she brought back a Helmer for me!

I originally wanted to get the white Helmer because most of my other furniture is white as well, but there weren't any white ones left so I got a gray one instead, which also looks very nice. It didn't take long to put together and it fits perfectly under my computer desk. I was hoping for that, since that's where I usually do my nails! So now I always have my stash right next to me. :D

In the top drawer, I put my favourite brands and the brands I use most often. This includes Essie, Essence, Catrice and NYC. It's almost full, there's still a bit of space left in the back that I'll be using for more Essence  or NYC polishes once I get them (I'm on a bit of a no-buy for a while!)

The second drawer is a mix and match of a bunch of different brands including China Glaze, Revlon, Golden Rose, Diamond Cosmetics, Stargazer, Wet 'n Wild and others. As you can see, my stash is mostly dominated by Essence and Catrice, because I don't have much of other brands, haha... hopefully that will change!

In the bottom drawer, I have nail art supplies! The plastic containers I used for storing my polishes before turned out to be a perfect fit for my Helmer. In the blue one I have my stamping supplies, crackle toppers, special top coats, my magnets and the tape I use for my taped manicures. And finally, in the purple one I keep my nail wheels, dotting tools, nail stickers, striping tape, rhinestones and loose glitter. I also have some things in the drawer above this one, but it's not much - just the stripers that I got a while back.

I'm very happy with my Helmer! My things are easily accesible and I have a lot of empty space that is waiting to be filled with more pretty polishes. I don't know how I've lived without it for so long, lol.

How do you store your own stash?


  1. Getting a helmer is a milestone in any polish lovers life :) lol. I just got my second one...they are so nice and hold up very well!

  2. Great post. I love shopping at Ikea for my beauty collection.

  3. Oh I need one those! Right now I just have 1 very large plastic container and a smaller basket on my night table... that is overflowing.